Mask Services

Our mask services successfully bring client designs from manufacturing to production, including:

  • Design engagement
  • Design tapeout
  • Data preparation
  • Maskmaking
  • Reticle-in
  • Wafer printing

Collaborative Approach

GF mask services utilize the GLOBALSOLUTIONS collaborative ecosystem to deliver optimized mask solutions, combining the best mask skills and resources from worldwide partners with our internal mask expertise. Clients have the freedom to choose as opposed to being locked into a foundry-proprietary solution.

Advantages of GF Mask Services

Leading-Edge Maskmaking Technology

  • Availability of Proven Robust Leading Edge Technologies
  • Faster Time to Market

Seamless Design Services and Data Preparation

  • SWIFT (Scalable Web Interface Fast Tapeout) Quality Data Execution
  • Secure

Global Mask Collaboration Network

  • Flexible
  • Quality Mask at Competitive Prices

GF Mask Services Portfolio

Online Services

  • SWIFT (Scalable Web Interface Fast Tapeout) mask online services via Global-FoundryView enhances tapeout flow efficiently and provides 24/7 data submission. SWIFT provides auto handling of data to reduce errors and through Webview, customers are able to verify jobview online at their own convenience.
  • SWIFT links customers with maskshops to pull real-time mask status and monitor maskmaking progress at any time.

Design Services and Data Preparation

  • Early engagement and development with strategic technology alliance partners accelerates advanced data preparation, enabling leading-edge technology to be available sooner
  • Seamless design services and data handling execution for prototyping and volume production

Data Security

  • GF is committed to protecting and safeguarding customers' intellectual property (IP) at all times. Data encryption, network infrastructure and internal policies regarding handling, storage and distribution are strictly met.

Prototyping Options

  • Single Layer Reticle (SLR)
  • Small Field Reticle (SFR)
  • Multi Layer Reticle (MLR)
  • Multiple Project Wafer (MPW)

Mask Quality

GF has an active and stringent quality program with mask shops to ensure quality mask delivery. Regular periodic audits are conducted at maskshop manufacturing sites to ensure high-quality mask delivery.

In-house mask checks are conducted regularly to enable immediate detection of mask defects, such as particles, scratches, ESD and pellicle frame, to ensure each mask has the lowest defect rates possible.

Mask Delivery

Daily follow ups and regular mask delivery performance reviews with maskshops ensure continuous on-time supply of masks and competitive maskmaking cycle time.

Maskmaking Network

A comprehensive maskmaking network, combined with strong engineering partnerships with world leading commercial maskshops, enables leading edge maskmaking capability and capacity of quality masks at competitive prices.

GF Qualified Maskshops
TechnologyAdvanced Mask TechnologyDNPHOYAPhotronicsTavanToppan
12nm / 14nm    
40nm / 45nm 
55nm / 65nm
  • Qualified
  • Under Development/Qualification