RF CMOS Mainstream Technologies

Ideal platform for RF and wireless applications

GLOBALFOUNDRIES RFGLOBALFOUNDRIES mainstream platforms from 180nm to 40nm offer mixed-technology solutions on volume production-proven, industry-compatible processes.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has production-proven design enablement and manufacturing expertise in RF CMOS across multiple technology nodes, initially proven at 0.35μm-0.25μm nodes, and subsequently developed and deployed at the 180nm, 130nm, 65nm, 55nm and 40nm process nodes.

RF CMOS solutions include a wide range of RF and wireless applications in the consumer, networking and mobility markets including:



DTV/STB tuner/demodulator SOCs

WiFi combo

GPS and mobile phone transceivers

WiFi & WiMax transceivers

The breadth and depth of design enablement makes the technology accessible to a broad range of applications through enhancements in RF SPICE Models as well as predefined settings for the RF Physical Design Kits.