Embedded Memory

Production-ready, cost-effective memory solutions to address reliability and power challenges

Embedded Memory GLOBALFOUNDRIES mainstream technology platforms from 180nm to 40nm include a wide variety of embedded memory solutions, including non-volatile 130nm and 55nm eFlash. The eFlash solutions, along with RF and analog enablement and comprehensive IP, support high performance, high reliability applications such as:

  • High-reliability MCUs, AEC-Q100 automotive grade 1
  • Industrial MCUs, IoT-gateways, smartcards
  • IoT, wearables, smart devices, sensor hubs
  • Integration of wireless connectivity with MCU (55nm LPx)
  • Integration of analog functions with MCU (130nm BCDlite®)

Other memory solutions include eFuse, EEPROM, OTP and MTP design-ready solutions with silicon validation.

55nm eFlash Highlights

  • SST ESF3 3rd generation Super-Flash technology
  • "off-the-shelf" macros, from 1Mb to 16Mb
  • Access speed: as fast as 10ns
  • Endurance: 200k cycles
  • Data Retention: 10 years at operation temperature (85°C commercial grade, 125°C automotive Grade 1 application)

Application Highlights


  • Cost effectiveness for consumer markets
  • High reliability and robustness for industrial markets
  • High operating temperature for Automotive Grade 1 (AEC Q100) products
  • Silicon-matched RF models for MCU with wireless connectivity
  • Ultra-low power solutions for IoT applications

Secure ID, RFID, Tag

  • More than 200k program/erase cycles on selected macros
  • "Common Criteria" EAL6 certified manufacturing site
  • Bankcard which demands the highest security sites