28nm Super Low Power (SLP)

28nm-SLP targets low-power applications including cellular base band, application processors, portable consumer and wireless connectivity devices. 28nm-SLP utilizes HKMG and presents a 2x gate density benefit, but is a lower cost technology in terms of the performance elements utilized to boost carrier mobilities.

28nm-SLP supports four Vt options - super low, low, standard, and high Vt with Vddnominal voltage of 1.0V. The I/O devices support 1.8V (with underdrive option to 1.5V) to meet different product specifications. 28nm-SLP also features a wide choice of metal stack options, optimized for density and power. It is an ideal platform for the next generation of system-on-chip (SoC) wireless connectivity designs supporting multiple communication protocols.

  • Gate-first HKMG process offers significantly lower power, higher performance and lower cost than 40nm
  • Complete design-ready platform with a broad range of validated IP and a familiar design flow
  • In volume production with competitive yields and quality

Advantages of 28SLP Platform vs. 40LP