28nm High Performance Plus (HPP)

28nm-HPP targets high performance networking and wired communication applications. The technology supports low, standard, and high Vt options with an operating voltage of 0.85V.  The lower operating voltage is selected for the lowest possible active power, critical for networking and server products where carbon footprint is increasingly an important consideration. The I/O choices include 1.8V (with an underdrive option to 1.5V)  to meet different product specifications. 28nm-HPP  features a wide choice of metal options. 28nm-HPP technology provides a performance boost of as much as 10% over a competitive offering.

28HPP is the Ideal Platform for Computing/Networking/Storage

  • Gate-first, low voltage process offers the best performance/watt in the industry
  • Design-ready platform with a broad range of IP and a familiar design flow
  • Ramping volume production in 2H13 with competitive yields and quality

Advantages of 28HPP Platform vs. 40G