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  • Packaging Takes Center Spot on Innovation Stage

    by Dave Lammers | Aug 11, 2016
    Packaging has emerged as one of the semiconductor industry’s most potent forms of innovation. “In all application spaces, customers are, more than ever before, integrating multiple chips in one package to address scaling limitations,” said Dave McCann, vice president of packaging R&D. Full story
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  • Silicon Photonics Inflection Point - It’s Not ‘If,’ It’s ‘When’

    by Sanjay Charagulla | Aug 04, 2016
    What's all the buzz about silicon photonics revolutionizing the data center industry? Today, the biggest challenge facing data centers is how to scale the speed and bandwidth between servers, switches, and cloud based platform from 10G to multi-100G. One option is to use silicon photonics which can support 100G links ... Full story
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  • ASICs – The Need for Speed in Automotive IVI Development

    by Ian Williams | Jul 26, 2016
    In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) market is expected to reach $33.8 billion by 2022. The ability to deliver functionality into a compact form factor is driving the need for increased ASIC integration in future IVI systems. For an automaker, having an ASIC development partner capable of providing increased levels of integration with higher ... Full story